Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Week 2 - 2/5/2018

So far, so good!  How is Borne coming?  Make sure you finish it this coming weekend.

From now on, the weekly agenda will be personalized for each class. 

The stories we are reading are available via the following links:

You have a choice of writing prompts for the Okri story.

Vocabulary 1 sentences are due.  Do you need the words and definitions?

Monday's lesson includes a number of Poetry Out Loud handouts and an assignment.  Reprints are available through the links below.  Take some time to play on the poetryoutloud.org website on the Find Poems page.  Try to find a poem that speaks to you--something you're willing to spend some time with--by the end of class on Friday.  We're going to be reading them aloud, writing about them, and memorizing them over the next month.

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